About Future Focused Financial

We are financial security advisors and investment representatives who believe that a solid financial security plan is key to reaching your goals and dreams, whether you’re single, starting a family, starting a new job, building a business or planning for retirement.

We work with our clients to create a financial security plan that addresses their concerns in four key areas: financial security at death, living benefits, liquidity and retirement. Their financial security plan will be tailored to their needs, risk tolerance and the goals they want to achieve.

Future Focused Financial offers a selection of savings and investments, retirement income, life insurance, and mortgages. In addition, we can offer a broad range of financial products from other financial institutions. Through our mutual fund dealer Quadrus Investment Services Ltd., we can offer you powerful investment choices through the exclusive Quadrus Group of Funds.

When specialized expertise in a specific area is required, we have access to a team of experts:

  • Retirement and investment services managers
  • Life product managers
  • Mortgage planning specialists
  • Tax and estate planning consultants
  • Private wealth counsellors
  • Group product specialists
  • Employee benefit specialists
  • Living benefits specialists

Financial security planning doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to plan for your future. Whether or not you have a plan in place to help you get there, Future Focused Financial can help.

If you have questions or would like to arrange an individual or group meeting, please contact:

Tim Burns  902-304-1500 or email tim.burns@fffpg.ca

Charles Aboud 902-539-5056 or email Charles.aboud@fffpg.ca


This doesn’t need to be complicated. If you have a question, just ask! Email us or give us a call and we can get to know each other. Coffee is on us!